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CRK Large Sebenza 31 Unique Graphics with Amethyst and Ladder Damascus


•   Material: Chad Nichols Ladder Damascus
•   Length: 3.625″ (92mm)
•   Thickness: 0.1210″ (3.0734mm)

•   Material: Titanium 6Al4V
•   Thickness: 0.1505″ (3.8227mm)
•   Length: 4.793″ (121.742mm)

•   Length: 8.335″ (212mm)
•   Weight: 4.7oz (133g)

Sold out!


Sebenza means “work” in Zulu and these knives are intended to do just that. Built with handcrafted care at a production level, the Sebenza 31 has earned a worldwide reputation for rock solid performance and a “bank vault” feel.  Offered with Ladder Damascus, the Sebenza 31’s blade will retain a sharp edge with easy maintenance. The Sebenza 31 uses the Reeve Integral Lock, which is a lock bar integral to the back handle. Pre-bending at the end of the slot causes the spring to move to the base of the blade, thereby locking the blade open.

Unique Graphics are abstract.  They’re “drawn” freehand on a milling machine, so every knife is a one-off piece of art that cannot be exactly replicated.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in


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