Backspacer Kit for CRK Large Sebenza 21/31- Black Anodized Aluminum


CRK Large Sebenza 21/31 Geared Back Spacer in T-6061 Aluminum with captured Lanyard pin.

Black Anodized finish

Kit includes: 1 T-6061 Aluminum back spacer and 1 captured lanyard pin.

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Knifeworld is the exclusive dealer of Carolina Bladez Accessories.

Premium Hardware and Accessories for your CRK

All of my products are made from top tier materials including: titanium, stainless steel, heat treated steel alloys, and other high end materials. I have done the extensive research and development to ensure the product’s fit and finishes meet my customers’ expectations. 

Step up your EDC game with custom hardware and accessories manufactured in-house by Carolina Bladez.

Disclaimer: Carolina Bladez is in no way affiliated with Chris Reeve Knives. My parts are aftermarket accessories and are not authorized, endorsed or warranted by Chris Reeve Knives




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